• Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human security in the 21st Mining contributes a great deal to climate change through carbon emissions. Coal has been singled out as the biggest contributor of human caused climate change. Coal-fired power stations are responsible for 37% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide and 72% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the electricity sector, with the energy sector contributing 41% of overall GHG emissions worldwide.CNRG is currently working with the Hwange community to raise awareness on the impacts of coal mining on climate change. Some of the villages like the Madumabise Villages 1, 2&3 are situated within 2 KM of the Hwange Coal Plant which generates 920MW. The community is already struggling with some of the negative effects of climate change such as erratic rainfall patterns. Elderly people interviewed said they have noted rainfall patterns changing over the years and they suspect the Hwange coal plant to be contributing to this phenomenon.


  • CNRG advocates for transparent contract negotiation processes in mining so that extractive companies and government obtain a social licence from the community to operate.


  • Defends the rights of mining communities to clean air, safe drinking water, life- sustaining ecosystems and against land degradation. Mining activities damage the environment, pollutes the air and divert water sources from vulnerable communities.


  • CNRG collaborates with regional networks that work with communities and support women’s struggles as they contend with extractivism. It supports women’s rights to agricultural land, preservation of cultural spaces and moral values and seeks to mitigate the effects of loss of traditional livelihoods due to mining.


  • CNRG is a member of International Alliance on Natural resources in Africa (IANRA), Womin and Governance of Africa’s Natural Resources (GARN).


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